We’re online!

Emerging from our dark candle lit room we have finally connected to the outside world! After realising that we could use our phones outside of board game and roleplaying sessions we thought it might be useful to set up a website to host all our amazing podcast episodes. We even set up a bunch of “social media” sites to make it easier for you. Go like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, or even send us an email, and we’ll keep you up to date with the¬†latest gossip and may¬†even chuck in conversation about one of our podcasts every often and so.

If somehow you got this far and you don’t know what we do then… congratulations! I have no idea how you managed to find our site, but I would love if you could message me and describe the adventure. To keep you up to date: we’re a bunch of friends who play a lot of board games. Recently we’ve gotten into roleplaying games that naturally lend themselves to the podcasting medium, conveniently I have always to start a podcast, so we started recording out sessions. One thing led to another, we needed a website, then a facebook page, then everything else until we finally got here, to where you are now, sitting reading this.

If you haven’t already, like and subscribe to us on iTunes or your favourite podcasting app.



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