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Episode 4: T,N&P – Go forth and eat fish

Podcast Summary

This is the first episode of our “Tooth, Nail and Potatoes” campaign.

We begin at Tony’s small church where his weekend sermon is interrupted by a blood thirsty mob. In order to limit bloodshed Tony convinces Olive and Val to help investigate the supernatural disturbances at Cent Tent City. After cramming into Olive’s old van Val is surprised with a call from his mothers assistant with some rather disturbing news.

Around the table with have Rueben as Tony, Shu as Olive, James as Val, Dom as Flint and Linus as your GM.

Talk to us!

It’s not about winning is a podcast were we record ourselves playing different board games. We’re currently in the middle of our Vampires campaign. Set in Sydney using the Dresden files RPG system.

If you have any comments or suggestions you can find us on facebook or twitter. You can listen to our other episodes at itsnotaboutwinning.com.



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